Saturday, November 28, 2015

ThanksGiving and Black Friday done for another year.

Thanksgiving Day was awesome.  We had 30 family members join us for dinner.  Darn if I didn't forget to pull my camera out and take pictures.  I was so busy making sure everything was ready and right for dinner that I didn't even have time to talk to many..
Solution I'm going to switch positions with hubby for Christmas, he can run the party and I'll sit back and enjoy time with everyone.

Black Friday didn't see much in the way of deals, did go to Pet's Mart and to advance of Tidy Cat litter for $7.99.  Plus picked up a few toys for my grandcat for Christmas.

Also made sure I went and received my walk in points for ShopKicks  What's shopkicks?  It an app for your phone that you earn points for walking into stores and for scanning bar codes on products.  For example on Black Friday I earned 200 points each for walking in to JCPenny's, Macy's and American Eagle Outfitters, earned 600 points just for walking into the store.  It's pretty easy to get points for walk ins and scans that I earn 6,250 points about every 2 months which I cash in for a $25 e-card for Walmart or Target.  Cashing in the points is easy you do it on your phone and the e-card stays on your phone to use at the store when you need it.  When you go to use it you just open it up on the phone and the cashier scans your phone and the $25 come off your total.  ShopKicks
If you can't down load the app from here Go to Play store on your phone.  When it ask for who referred you just enter in my code- potassium25864  Thanks.

Got home and found out we had a visitor just before coming home. LOL Security camera caught him walking through our carport.   Figuring out how to et this video from our security camera to the internet wasn't simple.   I'm on the look out for a better easier security camera setup with at less one more camera.  Anyone know of a good one let me know I also have a few friends and family who are looking too.  LOL lots of people come to me when they are looking for things...

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