Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Grandparents week - Only 5 months late..

Oh my this year has flown by I can't believe it's almost Thanksgiving and I totally forgot to post about our Grandparents week in June.

First night of course they decided they wanted a special shirt so we decided to tie die shirts.

Well it doesn't look like all we're very happy with doing this... Actually they all enjoyed that just how a 13 year old is trying to act like he's to old for this stuff.  When they shirts were done he was the one walking around saying mine is the best.  Actually all of them looked great just wish I knew where the picture is of all the done shirts.

Next day we took off and went to Historial Winter Garden and the Winter Garden Heritage Museum and did the Self Guided History Hunt .  
It was very interesting and would had been more enjoyable if the heat had been a bit more bare able. We heard a bit more whining from the 5 of them because of the heat.
Here's some pictures-

Train Museum 101 South Boyd Street

Inside the Train.. Oh look some of the tie die shirts..

Old Theater

 Here's the Map you get you can follow it with a GPS or the printed clues.  At each location you will find a metal box with a stamp inside.  Watch out one of the boxes is in the sun and get a bit hot.
For $1 you get a patch.  This would be great for Scout Troops.

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