Monday, October 10, 2016

Improved Formula Retinol Cream By New York Biology

I've fallen in Love with Improved Formula Retinol Cream By New York Biology as I've gotten older I've noticed my face is just not as tight as it use to be.  I've tried other cream and didn't find them to work as well as this one.  I love it so much I made sure that when I evacuated for the hurricane I packed it in my bag.  With the stress of having to leave home and not knowing if my house would be safe it was nice to know that this Retinol cream would help keep me from getting more wrinkles.

I really love the top on this bottle, just push down with your fingers and the cream comes up through the hole in the center.  Save you from having to squeeze a bottle and risk getting to much, and having messy hands. This is a much cleaner way.

Every time I've been asked to try a New York Biology product I've been very pleased.  They have very high-quality products.  Looking forward to trying more of their products.

Click the link below and get your own bottle.  You will be very happy you did.

Retinol Cream by New York Biology

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