Thursday, December 31, 2015

Backseat Car Organizer - Kids Toy Storage - Comes with Visor Organizer

Backseat Car Organizer – is awesome.  When you have small ones in the car it’s great to know where everything is when they want it.   My granddaughter is 4 and this organizer is perfect for all the items she likes and most of the stuff is within her reach from her seat.  What she can’t reach I can reach while at a red light.

The Backseat Car Organizer is very simple to install unclip the top strap and place around the head rest, snap back together.   At the bottom is another strap which you strap around the bottom part of the passenger seat.  Installing took about 5 min’s.  It took longer for my granddaughter to decide what she wanted in it.  

The top pocket is a flip open that is easy to open and close because of the two Velcro pieces it has on each end. To the left side of the top pocket is a button clipped holder that can be used for lots of things that are nice to have on hand in this case Mr. Monkey. The second row has two big pockets that have a total of eight mesh pockets in front that are all the same size. These eight mesh pockets are the perfect size to store the small stuff that gets lost under the seats.  Every single pocket can be used for different things and there is a place for just about anything!

The large pocket near the bottom is a perfect size for books, or for the larger items that won’t fit in the mesh pockets.  I love that on each end there’s a pocket that’s the right size for bottles of water, no worries about bottles rolling around the car.  I just bought this van and surprised there wasn’t a center console to sit drinks.  So I’ll be placing water bottles in the organizer for me.

Also included with the backseat car organizer is a visor organizer.  The visor organizer is also very easy to install.  Two elastic strips hold the organizer to the visor.   There are two small elastic strips on the visor that can be used to hold pens and pencils, don’t know about you but I’m always losing my pen in the car. Below the pen holders there is a square sized mesh pocket that can be used for small things like chap stick or breath mints. At the far right end of the visor there are two horizontal slide pockets that are both as big as the visor is across.  I think I’ll be using these to hold maps of area’s we’re visiting and other info brochures along with my small note book.

The company also provides a risk free purchase (no questions asked return policy) money back guarantee and life time warranty! They provide a paper with instructions on how to gain access to register the product for the lifetime warranty, download the free eBook, watch the video tutorial, and how gain access to a 25% off gift card on the next purchase!  WoW!!  Awesome deal for an awesome product.  

I did receive this product to test for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion. All opinions stated above are 100% of my own.

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