Friday, April 24, 2009

Product Review.

I've been slowly going green so this week I saw Walgreens had Nature Source on sale plus coupons and 15% off I said ok lets give them a try, plus I was out of cleaners.

So I used the Nature Source All Purpose cleaner on the kitchen counters and stove. As I always do I sprayed the counters and wiped, wow it worked like my regular cleaner. Like my regular cleaner I had to respray some spots and let it set for a bit to soak, but it wiped away.. On to the stove, yuck it's a glass top and it seems to get everything on it. Plus when you clean it it's a big chore getting it clean and having no streaks. I sprayed it on and let it set while wiping down the counters wiped it off and WOW it really cleaned. Plus there were no streaks.. My kitchen looked wonderful and a nice plus it smelled great. Even hubby walked in later and said what smells nice? It's not over powering just a nice soft pleasant scent. Big Thumbs up!!!

So this morning I decided it was time to clean the master bath... YUCK I hate cleaning it. The shower stall doesn't get air in it so it can get yucky pretty quick. After all the showers were done I grabbed the bottle of Nature Source Bathroom Cleaner and sprayed the shower stall down to let it soak for a while.

Went to my office with a cup of coffee to read some emails and drink my coffee. 30 min's later I go in to wipe it down.. As soon as I walked into my room a smell hits me, I'm like what is that smell.. It gets stronger as I get to the bathroom, by this time I had findly figure out what it smelled like! It smelled like a Men's room (don't ask long story)yuck. I grab my brush and start cleaning the walls and floor. Ok the soap scum washed away nicely, however the start of mildew did not. I turn the shower on and washed down the walls but I can not get the smell out of there... I opened the window in the bath and shut the door. It didn't help I finally found some of my old cleaner and sprayed what was left on the walls. It got rid of the smell.. So not only does it smell horribly but it doesn't clean well either.. Wonder if I can exchange this bottle for one of the All purpose cleaner. LOL BIG Thumbs Down!!

I would love to hear from others who have tried the products! What do you think of them?

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