Friday, April 17, 2009

Product review: Currants & Açai™ Candle by Glade

Wow what a candle!! I’m so impressed that this is a candle I can buy in a discount store and not a specialty store… The name even sounds specialty “The fragrance Collection By Glade….
When this candle is burning everyone who walks in is like wow it smells so yumm good in here. The one I have is a multi-wick packaged in a boutique-style glass jar that goes well with any décor..
It’s a soy-blend candle so it burns clean. The packaging says it 10 oz and burns up to 35 hours. Which I would say is pretty right on, because I’ve burned mine about 20 so far and there’s plenty left… Not only does it come in Currants & Açai , but Sheer White Cotton and Lotus Bamboo…
I would love to hear any of your views on The Fragrance Collection..

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